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Writer / Director/ Editor

Heather Alexis (she/her) is an emerging filmmaker based in NYC. Her passion lies in Post Production Editing and Screenwriting. Her goal as an artist is to create films that explore mental health representation in an informative mix of reality and fantasy. The representation of mental health in media needs to be reimagined by storytellers willing to put in the research and take on these important themes with a caring hand. Her previous Post Production editing and finishing work has been for Disney’s WABC-7, HBO, and independent Short Films. Her screenwriting, notably her trilogy Playback, has been featured as a finalist for New York’s Fusion Film Festival. She is currently pursuing her M.A in Psychology & Film at NYU Gallatin. She holds a BFA in Film and Television Production from NYU Tisch (Dec. 2020). Currently, she is a freelance Film Editor and Screenwriter, working at NYU Tisch School of the Arts as a Post Production Technician. More of her work can be found at

Cast Section


Sylvie Tamar (she/they) is a NYC-based actor and choreographer, and a recent graduate of Fordham University's Theatre Program. They hope to use storytelling to question the norm while employing radical equity in their artistic process. With a background in dance, singing, circus arts, and more, they are drawn to collaborative and multidisciplinary work. Some of their favorite work has been playing #2 in Sarah DeLappe’s The Wolves (Fordham University) as well as choreographing a production of Clare Barron’s Dance Nation (Fordham University). Through their time studying acting, they’ve developed a passion for the unique intersection of psychology and acting, specifically in regard to protecting an actor’s mental health while playing emotionally turbulent and demanding characters. They are an advocate for safe acting practices and for further research into what those practices can be. More about them at

The Balloon


Bal, like your pal, is not your average balloon. He graduated from the Royal Institution of Great Britain in London, where he majored in Chemistry with a focus in Helium Usage. His friends describe him as the life of the party, but he likes to think of himself as the metaphorical representation of the baggage of your past. Rest assured. Bal can be quite fun. In his free time, Bal enjoys reading mystery novels, toasting bread, and enjoying a stroll through the park. Bal’s past work includes Acting in various roles at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, headlining the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, and modeling for Jeff Koons “Balloon Dogs” sculpture. No Strings Attached will be Bal’s third film appearance, after his time in Paris for “The Red Balloon” and working in the states for Disney’s “Up.” He is excited to help bring Heather’s vision to life and urges you to follow his journey through instagram @nostringsattachedfilm and twitter @nostringsbal

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Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Alicia Baggieri (she/her) is an emerging cinematographer based in Bay Shore, New York. Her work has been featured on Thrasher Magazine, Super Geek Film Festival and FICSAM Interational Mental Health Film Festival. She is honoured to be a Companion Member in the Canadian Society of Cinematographers. She studied Film and Television Production at Humber College, specializing in cinematography. During that time, she had the chance to work on many projects, granting her the opportunity to absorb the tools and techniques to creating outstanding material. She has worked on a variety of short films and documentaries early on in her career. Capturing the emerging non-traditional skateboard scene in Pittsburgh, the mental health of unique individuals in Southern Ontario and experimental shorts with wild turn of events. In line with her core values, she volunteers her artistic abilities to help promote non-traditional skateboarders by taking photos, promoting events and contributing to the community.


Amanda Yerby (she/her) is a producer and filmmaker based in Brooklyn, New York. She just started an M.A. program at NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a concentration in Accessible and Equitable Filmmaking. She is passionate about creating inclusive environments in filmmaking from the development through the presentations of each film. Amanda also works full-time in academia helping students with all the pre-production aspects of bringing their visions to life. When isn't studying, or working, she is at home cuddling with her two rescue cats, Indy and Jerry.



Born and raised in New York, Colette Poncet (she/her) is an emerging filmmaker who aspires to make films that represent mental heatlh issues and complex relationship dynamics. She is currently a junior at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, concentrating in screenwriting, producing, entertainment business, and developmental psychology. She has worked on several short films and is currently working on writing and developing her first feature screenplay. In her free time, she enjoys tap dancing, baking, and spending time with her service dog, Remi.

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